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14 Miles to Market (continued)

...before sunrise and head to a huge "Iron Market" (the building is made of iron) in downtown Port-Au-Prince in order toRETURN sell their produce. This type of enterprise is mostly done by women. When it comes to bearing the weight of Haitian labor, the women stand shoulder to shoulder with the men.


Les Brouettiers (continued)

...including: building construction, property rental, a tourist shop where she sold dolls and wood carvings to tourists, and a couple of grocery stores. When it came time to buy supplies for the grocery stores, she would go to the huge "IronRETURN Market" in downtown Port-Au-Prince and buy sacks of rice, sugar, flour, beans, plantains and other commodities. She would then hire these brouettiers to ferry the goods to her store, where my brothers and I would transfer them into retail bags. The brouttiers would slalom up hills and use hand brakes to slow going downhill. It is very dangerous work still being done today. It isn't uncommon for them to run into walls or oncoming traffic. His physic was actually inspired by another man who was an avid weightlifter. He was an employee at my aunt's restaurant in downtown Port-Au-Prince.




... However, Science is eventually a dead end. We can learn a great deal from smashing atoms, Maybe even figure out how to travel beyond the speed of light or navigate through time. But they can never tell us why within the span of 3 earthly minutes there were some 1080 hydrogen & helium atoms floating about destined to create life. These atoms are energized to collapse and create star nurseries which eventually led to us. Those that remained unchanged by gravity and heat still exist today and we breathe them, eat them etc... These atoms are the manifestation of an energy source, not the fountain of that energy. If the atom is not conscious how can it possibly self-arrange to eventually reason?  These answers can only be found in the realm of metaphysics.

God's Tool Bag (continued)

...Obviously one needs an unimaginable amount of energy to create the building blocks of matter. The Big Bang, established the relative unit of matter, finiteness and the laws of physics, and within minutes we had hydrogen and helium atoms. God's next tool was nuclear fusion. One could say that nuclear fusion is one of God's favorite tools, via which God created the remaining elements giving us chemistry and then biology and subsequently life. Polarity is another tool that permeates all facets of the underpinnings of creation, and spills into the cognitive realm, primarily in the form of Pain vs pleasure, the building blocks of behavior. Structure Hierarchy and equilibrium are the principles that stabilize the physical and cognitive universe. Without these principles the earth would smash into the sun and the entire universe would not have coalesced in the first place. These principles can also help us solve many of our social ills such as income inequality, global warming, police brutality etc...we are good at establishing hierarchies and organizations. we fail miserably when it comes to equilibrium. Love might have been the motivation for the universe in the first place, and is the glue for most positive cognitive interactions and experience. Laughter friendship and generosity (among others) are the sweetener of human experience. The Sphere, the circle and the elliptical are God's primary design elements because I suspect they are closer to the nature of infinity itself. nothing in the macroscopic universe is naturally cubic (some crystals approximate cubes). Inspiration Prayer and Communion are the tools that transitioned us from  physical creatures to cognitive and spiritual beings.

Fracas 1 (continued)

The Soldier's words and thoughts:

...“Sorry brother…it was you or me. Leaders who make war & peace decisions should be forced to do their own killing & dying if they choose armed conflict. Let the front line soldiers make the war & peace decisions. It is easy to be brave & patriotic with someone else’s kid’s life. Besides all the stuff we kill for, they are eventually fleeting illusions.”

“We do not want to fight, we just want to play”


Body tattoos:

“People are like diesel fuel, you can only squeeze them to a certain point economically, spiritually, physically & emotionally before they explode.”

Legitimate self-defense, target practice [thumbs up]

“If cruelty & meanness give you a warm and tingly sensation in your genitals, why not simply masturbate instead of ruining someone’s day or life”

“Hierarchy without equilibrium is tyranny”

“We can celebrate our patriotism, heritage, values & spiritual beliefs without demonizing, bullying & killing our fellow space travelers. We are passengers on the Milky Way heading to (besides a collision with M31)

God knows where. So we need to chill and celebrate the gift of life first and foremost. If you absolutely have the need to kill human beings why not (shoot yourself) get help first? If that does not work then do it.”


“Wars and their calamities are never the will of God; they are always the will of a few men”

“Hierarchy is vital to social order”


The voices that feed violence:

“That is unpatriotic! He has resources we need. He’s not worthy, we are exceptional “

“Maximum profit, minimum wage, we own the lawmakers, we write the rules



“Blasphemy! He interprets God differently than we do. We are God’s chosen people”RETURN




“Stick to your own kind, he’s of a different culture”

“They are sub-human mongrel”

“Teach children hate early”



“What global warming? What government abuse? What deficit? What voter suppression? What?




Muzzle flash

“A bullet is a nasty killing tool. There are others:

Economically you deny folks opportunities to earn a living.

Emotionally use words that devastate one’s spirit.

Socially ostracize & mute

Enact laws that dehumanize & marginalize.

Means that can make a bullet look like mercy killing. Ask anyone who has contemplated suicide. Melt the bullets into coins & share the wealth with the world’s population so no one dies of hunger. Stop nurturing meanness through bullying in school, in politics & the world, because that is the genesis of evil





Fracas 2 (continued)

..."Oh God reach for me". This is an 18 year old falling as he is struck by the bullet fired in Fracas 1. His thoughts and dreams scattered about, his life flashes in front of his eyes as he slips through the fabric of time and space.

This is a poem as it appears in the painting


My son, your son -

Our children collapsed on the battlefield, a mother’s worst nightmare -

Parents’ worst nightmare -

A terrified son’s despair that cannot be comforted -

A child’s mortal wound that cannot be nursed -

A child cloaked in darkness who cannot be reached -

A cry for help that cannot be answered and will echo for a lifetime -

You will hear in many instances that it is God’s will or a divine test. Nonsense, wars are never God’s will. Wars  are always the will of a few men -

Misguided men that set nations on paths of destruction -

A few oxytocin-less men and their lieutenants, who bully, cajole, woo, and mesmerize citizenries into acquiescence or silence -

Humanity’s hope is that their warrior mindset will fade with each passing generations. Still, war is a cunning culture with fortified institutions that self-protect and self-perpetuate -

Brutality is an unambiguous persuader -

Only a few men who use religion, nationalism, ethnicity, greed as pretexts to     bolsterRETURN

their hubris and further their ambitions -

Their rhetoric is sweet in the mouth but will singe your belly, breasts and heart -

Their aim is to benefit from your labor of love and the ultimate sacrifice of the    child you so tenderly nursed to life -

They build large collections of impressive war toys. War toys require toy soldiers -

They plot in secret but will come in the light of day with decrees, medals or promises of virgins and eat your young -

Their predation is in plain sight, yet most of us miss it, choose not to see it, or have been programmed to think that it is something else -

Those few men will tell you that it is the nature of men, but that too is a lie. It is their nature -

They know that when the friend soldiers fall, anger becomes personal and the firefights will self-energize -

Still yet, where are the voices of those safeguarding the nurseries?

If your voice is not silenced then raise it. If your eyes are not blindfolded then meet their gaze -

Whisper your dreams into your infants’ ears. Teach them disdain for injustice and oppression -

Teach them to value life and kindness -


Yvan Lamothe



Seeds of Wisdom Mother (continued)

...various behaviors and temptations, one dives in with abandon while the other cautiously experiments. In theRETURN end the one without conviction and core beliefs gets overwhelmed, withers away and gets buried. Moderation equipped with wise filters at the earliest stages of its existence blossoms into a mighty oak tree and bears countless seeds.

The Devil's Domain (continued)

...but rather within the individual human mind. That is where all the conflicts are conceived and rehearsedRETURN before they are performed on the world stage with blazing effects, and to our detriment. The battle between good and evil can only be settled within the human mind, and never on the battlefield. Purge the bad thoughts as they pop into our brains and the world will become safer.


Christmas Eve (continued)

...Rachelle is holding a chain with a cross, Maria is holding the flashlight. Today Maria is an endocrinologist andRETURNRachelle holds an MBA degree. The night sky is what I grew up with in Haiti. It literally seemed like you could travel by starlight alone.

The Bowery (continued)

..Doing missionary work. My mentor was Rev. William "Bill" Marcus James the minister of The United Methodist Church on 135th street in Harlem, New York City. He would give me clothes and I would distribute them to theRETURN indigent population in the Bowery skid row and Lower East Side, while I ministered to them. I visited many flophouses and made the acquaintance of many Bowery residents. Decades later while reminiscing about those days, I was inspired  to paint The Bowery.



Foundation (continued)

...exist for ever? Many mathematicians are terrified of the very concept of infinity. Foundation is how I makeRETURN sense of it all. Now I do not just believe that there is a God, I know there is one.

Tempting Innocence (continued)

...There I spent time with quite a few interesting individuals. One of them was a sex-offender who was abused repeatedly at a very young age. To him molesting children was the norm, that is what he perpetuated.RETURN Ironically, decades later while working as a parole officer, I supervised this individual when he was released into the community. Sure enough, after a short period of time he tried to molest an 11 year old in a parking lot and I had to arrest him and return him to the Forensic Unit (now located inside the state prison). I also met an ex-police officer. He was there for murdering his family. He told me that when he was a child, his stepfather enticed him with an apple to perform fellatio. They inspired me to do this painting.

The 7 Dawns of Creation (continued)

...(thinking a long time about infinity can be a dicey proposition. There is not a lot of margin between genius and insanity. While I am not in the genius category, I am not in a straight jacket either. At least not yet.) I cannot tell you what infinity is, but I can tell you what I think it isn't. Infinity is not space. I believe that The Greek philosopher Zeno of Alea was actually correct to assume that there is an infinite distance between any 2 points (look up Zeno's paradox). What he did not ponder was that God had to solve that problem before God could create the universe, otherwise hydrogen atoms could never coalesce into clouds to form star nurseries, and sunlight could never reach the planets. So God created the fabric of space with convergence, decay, relativity and time weaved into it. Also, envision Infinity as one solid unit that is limitless. The Infinite is a sphere because it extends equally in all directions. Visualize a sphere that is filled with a liquid, let us say water. Can a drop of that liquid exist as drop within that fluid? The answer is yes and no. Yes we know it is potentially there, and no it is not a separate entity. It is simply part of that fluid. Suppose then a bubble or vacuum is created within that liquid, then now there is a stage for that drop to be manifested as a finite entity, and a relationship can exist between the finite and the Infinite (which was not possible before). That bubble is our cosmic space. Where it ends Infinity begins, and where Infinity begins space ends. Maybe that is why sometimes we feel so removed from God, he/she gives us a lot of space (and free will to boot).

I suspect that if there is a heaven, it also requires the separation of the Infinite from the finite. Otherwise we could not continue to exist as individual entities after we die. Maybe the heavenly bubble has convergence relativity but not time decay or matter. Maybe it is cognition built on a different unit of finiteness.

I imagine that Infinity is a complex yet the simplest entity. The Big bang inflated the universe, the entry point of matter from infinity. Maybe black holes are the exit points, recycling matter, time and space back into infinity. The difference in my mind between black holes and infinity is that a black hole extends infinitely in only one direction, inward. They are gravitational singularities according to Einstein's definition. Infinity on the other hand extends infinitely outward and infinitely inward. That tension of 'dimensional opposites' exists in every instance of infinity. I speculate that should matter ever venture out of it's space cocoon and touches infinity, it would disintegrate into its infinite state (as it does when it enters a black hole). The tension within Infinity exists in perfect balance.

Consider this possibility, what if the nature of our universe reflects this characteristic in the form of polarity (+,-) or strong force vs weak force etc.... We know what we can do with "on and off" or (0s&1s). Just with theseRETURN 2 elements we can build switches computer languages  etc... If humans can create marvels with 2 elements, couldn't God do better?

Maybe God created the universe  in 7 steps, not 7 days. Maybe after 7 steps God found mankind precariously perched on a rock and decided "I am that I am" could work with this creature, and touched, not man's fingers as Michelangelo depicted, but his mind to give him understanding and communion. The atoms did as they were destined,  build star nurseries, Create the elements, morph into molecules, create biology, and then life. They could not have alternately done anything else. They are still at work doing all these things today.

 Zombie The Stone Crusher (continued)

...Crushed rock is a vital part of concrete, which was used in foundations, floors and roofs of her buildings. When I was around five, we lived next to a ravine. During the rainy seasons water would flow off the surrounding mountains washing down large quantities of rocks into these water channels. My older brothersRETURN would climb down and harvest the rocks, stacking them into huge piles in our backyard. My mother would then hire Zombie to turn the rocks into what we called gravel. I used to watch Zombie in awe for hours pulverizing those stones into small pieces. With each blow these rocks would yield their shapes radiating fine dust into the air, while the echoes reverberated in the distance.  Zombie eventually developed a sinus infection which ate away his nose. If he came close to you the stench was unbearable. Apparently there was no cure available to him at the time. He probably couldn't afford it anyway. I don't know what happened to Zombie. I assume he died a painful death from this condition.